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Environmental Vision 2050

A futuristic and visionary environmental goal conceived by Epson in 2008 concerning the reduction of environmental impact, the increase of recycling systems and the achievement of sustainability.

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2025 Goals

Apart from ensuring improvements in the basic environmental performance of its products, Epson has also set a science-based target to reduce the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions and other such targets.

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Climate Change

Epson is combating climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in production and helping to drive a transformation towards a decarbonized future, as envisioned in the Paris Agreement.

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Epson is working to control substances of concern in products, manage chemicals used in production processes, and manage environmental risks to minimize the effects we have on the ecosystem and human life.

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Products and Services

Epson aims to make our world a better place by minimizing customer environmental impact, encouraging the innovation of environmentally-conscious products, making environmental information available and taking on new challenges to offer value that existing technologies cannot provide.

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Eco Community

Epson is endeavouring to attain new socially and economically sustainable practices with the help of environmental community actions based on products and services.

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Product Recycling

Epson plans to collaborate with customers and communities with the view to encourage the collection and recycling of end-of-life products from all around the world. This is in order to expand the resource reuse and recycling loop. Learn more

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Biodiversity Conservation

The preservation of biodiversity through Epson’s business activities, and the encouragement of raising employee awareness were the foremost concerns that led the company to launch its conservation and preservation programs.

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Resource Preservation

Epson is working to reduce emissions and preserve water resources in its production processes to contribute to the formation of a circular economy in which waste is minimized.

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Life Cycle Thinking

Right from the conception of a product to the point where it has served its purpose and is ready for recycling, Epson plans to chart the environmental impact of its eco-considerate products.

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Global Environmental Positioning Statement

Epson intends to innovate better products that require fewer resources and are energy-efficient, reliable and recyclable.

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Environmental Management

Epson's business is tethered to a pledge of environmental conservation and it carries out various environmental programs under uniform standards in every country and region of the world.

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Sustainability Report and Global Environment Data

Epson believes in encouraging constructive communication with stake holders, investors and shareholders concerning the company’s sustainability and growth potential and so it has regularly been publishing Sustainability Reports and Global Environment Data to promote this transparency.