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Planning for the future

Epson has a commitment to the environment that drives us to create innovative products that are reliable, recyclable and energy efficient.

If you are looking to dispose your old Epson product, fill in your details below and we will pick it up from your location.

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Compliance Statement on the E-Waste Rules, 2016 and E-Waste (Management) Amendment Rules, 2018.

As part of Epson's commitment to the environment we continuously work on improving the environmental performance of our products. In recent years the focus of our environmental program has, amongst others, been focused on chemicals management and the recyclability of our products.

Epson will ensure that all our products meet the requirements of the India E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016 and amended 2018.

By this statement Epson declares our product complies with the "India E-Waste Rules, 2016 and India E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2018" and prohibits use of lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls or polybrominated diphenyl ethers in concentrations exceeding 0.1 weight % and 0.01 weight % for cadmium, except for the exemptions set in Schedule II of the Rules.

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The above form is only for E-waste enquiries (customers who are looking to hand over their Epson products for disposal). For service issue kindly click and register your complaint here: https://customer.epson.co.in/customer/repair.do#/servicerequest/IN

Willing to hand over old Epson product at the Epson collection centre by yourself? Please keep in mind the following



What does Epson recycle?

As part of Extended Producers’ Responsibility, Epson has set up a collection mechanism to channelize and dispose waste.The following items are disposed in an environment friendly way:

a) End of life products
 like copiers, printers, scanners etc. 

b) Ink cartridges
    (for ink jet printers, ink jet all-in-ones and large format printers) 

c) Toner cartridges

    (for laser printers and laser all-in-ones)

How does Epson recycle in India?

We have tied up with authorized recycler to recycle/ dispose waste in an environment friendly way.

How can I dispose of used electronic or electrical equipment?

You cannot dispose of used electrical or electronic equipment as regular household waste. Electrical and electronic equipment may contain hazardous substances which may have a serious detrimental effect on the environment and/or human health. That is why all equipment that you volunteer for recycling will be specifically collected and treated by designated waste facility centres and by licensed WEEE compliance schemes. By ensuring that you dispose of your old electrical and electronic equipment according to the India WEEE legislation you are helping to preserve our natural resources and protect human health.

If your old piece of electronic equipment is still in a good working condition or could be repaired for further use, please consider donating it to a charitable organisation or giving it to someone else in need. By extending the lifetime of your old equipment you are also contributing to the efficient use of resources and avoiding additional waste.

You may also be able to dispose of old electrical or electronic equipment at your local waste facilities or E-Waste Collection centres. Please contact the relevant facility directly for more information. To contact the facilities you can also call the toll free no. shared below or fill the above form.  

Click to Know the Epson E-Waste Collection Centres

How can you participate in the Epson Recycling Programme in India?

You can dispose of a used Epson product very easily and responsibly. Simply call toll-free at 1800 123 001 600 (Between 9AM-6PM Mon-Sat) or mail your details to ewaste@eid.epson.co.in or fill the above form. We will pick it up and do the needful. Or you can also drop it at the Epson E-Waste Collection Centres.

Does Epson buy back or provide incentives for the return of ewaste?

We recycle to contribute to a more sustainable environment, and we encourage you to join us in this initiative. To know more please call toll-free at 1800 123 001 600, 1800 425 0011 or 1860 3000 1600.

Is the pick-up of Epson products for recycling free?

Yes. Consumers do not have to pay any fee for recycling of EPSON products sold/used in India.