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 Important Notice

Risk advice to customers who use Epson projectors with ceiling mounts, wall mounts or projector stands.

We thank you for the continuous support you’ve shown on our products. In the recent past, few instances of wall and ceiling mounted projectors breaking and falling have been brought to our attention. This has been noticed mainly in environments heavy laden with ‘oil smoke’, where the oil adheres to and degrades the fixtures and the case, leading to the breakage.

Although no instances of human injury or suffering have been reported so far, there is concern that such incidents could result in serious accidents. Thus, if you are currently using an Epson projector suspended from a ceiling mount, wall mount or projector stand we request you to kindly contact our Special Consultation line at the earliest.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused. We assure you the best of our services and thank you for your kind understanding and co-operation.

-Seiko Epson Corporation Epson Sales Co., Ltd.

Factors that could lead to damage and falling of projectors

  • Oils, lubricants, detergents, solvents, adhesives, chemicals, etc. that adhere to the exterior case of the projector and the fixing portion of the bracket, can lead to deterioration and thus breakage.

  • Continuous chemical reaction in environments where the air is heavy with oil smoke, volatile chemicals or solvents can lead to the deterioration of the case resin at the point of attachment.

  • Additionally, any damage caused during installation or due to the weight of the projector can add to the deterioration and ultimately lead to the projector falling.

Examples of damage due to oil smoke accumulation

Probable environments where falling of projectors might occur

Examples of risky environments

Cooking areas where there is a lot of smoke

Kitchens at home

Oil-rich factories

The following 34 models use a metal structure design and hence are not at risk of falling caused due to resin deterioration**

EB - L25000 U
EB - L1700 U / L12000Q
EB - L1750U / L1755U / L1500UH / L1505UH
EB - L1500U / L1505U / L1405U / L1300U / L1100U / L1000OU
EB - Z10000U / Z10005U / Z987U / Z9700U / Z11000W / Z9900W / Z9800W / Z11005
EB - Z8450W / Z8455WU / Z8350W / Z8355W / Z10000 / Z10005 / Z8150
EB - Z8000W / Z8050W
EH - LS10000 / LS10500
EV - 100/105

Please note that models outside this list are also designed to ensure complete safety and do not pose a risk as long as they are not used in environments mentioned above.

**However, using these projectors in environments mentioned above can lead to faulty functioning, image degradation and shorter maintenance cycles.

Request to customers

In case your projectors are currently installed in hazardous conditions mentioned above, or if you notice any stickiness or oil stains on the projector case, we request you to contact our Special Consultation Line for a free inspection and necessary action. Also, in case the projector body tilts unusually to one direction or the projector almost comes off from the ceiling mount, please refrain from using or approaching the projector and contact us immediately.

Epson Special Consultation Line (for Prevention of Projectors from Falling)

Email id:
Mobile no: +919980525456

1. If the projector case has already been damaged, repairing the case can cost a fee if the projector is not within a maintenance contract or warranty period.

2. Products that have passed six years after the end of sales may not be repaired.
3. Consultation hours: Monday to Friday (9:30am-to-6pm)


Inspection registration process:

  • Customer contacts the Special Consultation Line.
  • Details of customer - contact information, model of use, installation environment etc. are checked and the necessity of inspection or repair is determined. 
  • If inspection or repair is necessary, a date of visit is communicated subject to the job queue and nature of repair needed. Your patience is appreciated in case of any delays.
  • The service representative visits and conducts a free inspection on site.

1. All inspections will be restricted to only Epson projectors.
2. It is possible that after preliminary analysis of the installation environment, it may be determined that on-site inspection is not necessary.

Privacy policy

All personal information pertaining to the customer such as name, address, contact numbers furnished to the Special Consultation Line will be used solely for registration of the enquiry and related procedures including the repair work.

In addition, such information might be shared with partnering agencies (who handle our maintenance) to be used solely within the scope this work. Such partnering agencies are also bound by contract and are responsible for handling personal information appropriately.