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The healthcare sector can benefit in a number of ways from the use of MOVERIO. 

Information can be fed directly to doctors, dentists and other health workers without interruption, enabling them to focus on patients first. It makes reactions faster, increases productivity and speeds up treatment time.

MOVERIO can also be used directly by patients to help overcome disabilities, or to provide guidance or distraction during treatments.

Possible uses:


Logistics & Warehousing

Solutions for MOVERIO can be used to speed up and optimise the picking processes for warehouse operations by integrating positioning and barcode scanning in real-time. Picking staff are able to view the location of a product including aisle, location, and quantity, on MOVERIO replacing the need for handheld scanners and paper lists, making the order-picking process much more efficient, saving time and money.

Possible uses:
  • Packing lists and order picking
  • Sorting goods
  • Real-time inventory management