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MOVERIO and its hands-free visual guidance helps make training, field service and maintenance tasks more effective, providing the right information at the right time, and keeping hands free for action. New staff or workers in training can also request remote assistance from experts at a central location, who can instruct them via the first-person-view live video feed from MOVERIO, reducing downtime and saving money.

Possible uses:
  • Step-by-step guidance through hands-free work manuals
  • Consulting experts remotely
  • Accessing checklists and capturing work progress in real-time
  • Quality control
  • Training
  • Meter reading

Estate Agents

MOVERIO enables estate agents and other property professionals to showcase properties in the best possible way to achieve sales. Imagine being able to show dozens of potential buyers around a property at the same time. 

With MOVERIO, an estate agent would have the ability to walk round a property, showing a potentially unlimited number of online viewers all a house has to offer.

Equally, virtual tours could be created and a pair of MOVERIO glasses in the office could allow potential buyers to view dozens of houses without leaving the building.

It's also possible to show 3D models of properties to help convince buyers or show potential tenants what an unfurnished apartment would like with a nice sofa and fresh paint on the wall.

And if you have embraced drone aerial photography and videos to showcase your properties, MOVERIO can help by providing the best FPV solution to pilot your drone.

Possible uses:
  • Remote property showings/visits
  • Virtual tours of properties
  • AR visualisation of 3D models to facilitate sales
  • FPV drone piloting