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Construction professionals benefit from using MOVERIO, right from the inception of the project to completion.

MOVERIO allows you to better present and sell projects through augmented reality by, for example, transforming 2D construction plans into 3D models that can even be directly overlaid onto the future site. Or by showing a lifelike representation of what different flooring solutions would look like when installed.

The hands-free nature and visual guidance provided by our smart eyewear range can also be useful during construction, helping to resolve issues faster, and providing an optimised system of reporting back to clients once a job is completed, removing paperwork and delays.

MOVERIO can enable workers to visualise procedures and critical data, sharing their viewpoint to receive assistance from expert colleagues located remotely. Compliance operations can also be carried out by superimposing 3D models directly onto a new construction.
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Product visualisation
  • Step-by-step guidance through hands-free work manuals
  • Consulting experts remotely
  • Accessing checklists and capturing work progress in real-time
  • Quality control
  • Training


From schools to universities, MOVERIO has the power to bring learning to life to engage students like never before. Students can explore the galaxy around them thanks to augmented reality, or virtually dissect an animal without the need for a lab coat…

There are dozens of possibilities for the education sector, as MOVERIO has the capability to run a whole host of apps that can enable students to explore things that they wouldn't otherwise be able to experience first-hand. Please be aware that young children, especially those under primary school age, should not use MOVERIO as their eyesight is still developing. 

Possible uses: