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Thanks to its ability to access data hands-free, directly overlaid onto the world you see, our MOVERIO smart eyewear can provide a new tool to make life easier for farmers.

From data captured by drones flying over the crops, to the medical history of their livestock, farmers have access to essential data more easily than ever before.

MOVERIO can help by providing the best FPV solution to pilot drones over farmland.

  • Step-by-step guidance through hands-free work manuals
  • Consulting experts remotely
  • Optimising crop treatments
  • Easily accessing cattle medical treatment history
  • FPV drone piloting

Arts, Entertainment & Tourism

MOVERIO smart glasses are packed full of cutting-edge technology that makes it easy to implement, renew or improve multimedia experiences for visitors and spectators.

Bring your museum, historical site, opera, cinema, theatre, stadium or entertainment park into the digital age by creating unique experiences designed to engage visitors in a new way.

Unlock the ability to add almost unlimited amounts and types of information to the visitor or fan experience. Increase the ease with which they can learn about your displays or exhibitions and create the next generation of attractions harnessing the power of augmented reality.

Possible uses: