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For 40 years we have understood the changing needs of our customers. That's because we never stand still.


Seiko Epson has evolved greatly since starting out as watchmakers over 60 years ago - one thing that hasn't changed is our commitment to creating ground-breaking technologies that enable you to exceed your vision.

As print, projection and display needs change, we respond with products that break through the barriers of what is currently possible - so that you can see a brighter, smarter, future.


  • Printing Timer: Sport event timing is changed forever as Epson creates the first electronic recording system in Olympic history.


  • Tokyo Olympics: The Olympics got off to a flying start thanks to our high-precision crystal chronometers and printing timers.


  • Epson EP-101: A year before man set foot on the moon, Epson made its own great leap with the world's smallest digital printer.


  • Seiko Quartz V.F.A LC 06LC: Seiko - our parent company - launched a timely innovation with the world's first digital quartz watch with a six-digit LCD.


  • EX-1: As The Queen of England celebrates her Silver Jubilee, we were creating significant numbers of our own with the first dedicated accounting computer to carry the Epson name.


  • Epson's TV Watch: A milestone with the introduction of the world's first television-watch, with an active matrix LCD.


  • Epson ET-10: Another first with the pocket size, Liquid Crystal, full-colour LCD TV.


  • VPJ-700: The first colour Liquid Crystal Projector.


  • Epson Stylus 800: Global debut of Micro PiezoTM technology in an inkjet printer, making a permanent, positive impact in print head innovation.


  • Epson Stylus Color: Printing is more than black and white with the world's first 720 dpi colour inkjet printer.


  • Epson Stylus Color 800: The sky is the limit as Epson colour inkjet is selected by NASA for the STS-95 mission.


  • Epson Stylus Color: As the Winter Olympics returned to Japan and snowboarding made its debut, our first colour inkjet printer with built-in USB connectivity entered the market.


  • Epson's MD19SBT: The dawn of a new millennium, and in an environmentally-aware world, Epson introduced an active matrix colour LCD with ultra-low power consumption.


  • Epson's EMP-TWD1: A breakthrough for both Epson and projector innovation, with the launch of the DVD player-projector that expanded the home-projector market.


About Us

Our product portfolio saw rapid expansion in the following years to include more IT based products such as colour inkjet printers, scanners, digital cameras, large format printers, laser printers and serial impact dot matrix printers that cater to both business and personal user environments.


Should you wish to, you may call Epson helpdesk if you need advice on how to troubleshoot a faulty product.