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“More than half of the students are unable to read certain
contents displayed on a 70” flat panel display.”
– Radius Research.

Engage Your Audience

With larger and more immersive pictures, ensure you maximise every learning
experience with exquisite detail and vibrancy.


  Epson Projectors Flat Panel Display
Classroom Technology Continuously develops innovative classroom projection technologies Primarily made for home and not for classroom
Product Design Designed for classroom use Designed for entertainment
Image Size (diagonal) Up to 300” – 38x larger display area than a 50” flat panel* Average flat panel 45” – 49”**
Adjustable Size Image size can be adjusted to fit any classroom Fixed screen size
Education Impact Easy readability, maximise impact and encourage interaction Information displayed too small will result in disengaged viewers
Light Glare from Reflection Reflections of ceiling lights or windows do not form on projector screens Reflections of ceiling lights or windows disrupt view on flat panels
Viewing Angle Wider viewing angle Narrower viewing angle than projection
Portability Lightweight, portable design starting at 1.8kg Heavy and remains in fixed location


The Right Display Size

The Right Display Size

When choosing the right display size for a classroom, you should always look at two things: the potential size of the display and the distance from which students are viewing the display.

The 4/6/8 Rule

The 4/6/8 Rule

The common standard used for determining screen size is the 4/6/8 rule. This rule establishes that ideal viewing distance, in correlation with room size, should be four, six or eight times the height of the screen for comfortable viewing.

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Classroom Configurations

Classroom Configurations

There are typically three classroom configurations—square, wide and deep. The general size for the classrooms is about 89 square metres.

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Find out more about:
• Key Factors for Selecting the Right Display Size
• The 4/6/8 Rule
• Classroom Configurations

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*Based on research conducted by Radius Research in US, UK and Singapore. The research was done using a 70-inch class 4k resolution flat panel in a 22’ x 27’ / 22’ x 26’ / 22’ x 30’ classroom-style arrangement respectively. When asked to copy down six short items of information from slides displayed, 58% of students from US, 61% from UK, and 57% from Singapore, aged 12-22, copied at least one item incorrectly.

**Source: Futuresource Q4 2014, U.S. Business Flat Panels.