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Epson PLQ-30/30M Passbook Printer


Epson passbook printers are a definite sleek and sound investment for your organisation. With the flexible and versatile PLQ-30 series passbook printers, you can increase service productivity and operational efficiency while maintaining a low TCO.

    • Specialised Passbook
      Speed: up to 585 cps (10 cpi) / 624 cps (12 cpi)
      Specialised slip or form printing
      Mean print volume before failure of 12,000 POH
      MVBF: 7 million lines

Astounding Speeds
Accomplish more, in shorter periods of time with high print speed of up to 624 cps. Epson PLQ-30 series step-up print speeds through automatic sheet alignment, automatic printhead adjustment, and automatic page border features so you can enjoy hassle-free productivity that surpasses expectations. 

Built to last, the PLQ-30 series will continue to perform consistently, even in the most demanding of environments. Waste no time on maintenance with a remarkably high Mean Volume Between Failures (MVBF) of 7 million lines, amazing Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) of 12,000 power-on hours, and a printhead life of 400 million strokes/ wire.

The PLQ-30 series printers are not only the ideal choice for passbook printing; their versatility also accommodates a wide variety of printing needs. 

One of the key advantages of the PLQ-30 series is the ability to print on a variety of media that is used in financial institutions and government departments. These include passbooks of up to 2.6mm thickness, banking slips, visas, forms, receipts, tickets and a variety of other official documents.

Additionally, a myriad of options is readily available to suit a variety of business needs, including continuous paper feeding, cut-sheets and label printing. The printers also make multi-copy printing simple, with 1+6 copies of carbon printing for data archiving and duplicates.

Seamless Integration
Epson PLQ-30 series suit existing IT infrastructure with the ability to emulate PR2, IBM, WNI and Olivetti. The printers come with Parallel, Serial and USB interfaces that can easily connect via USB to wired and wireless network so you can conveniently integrate the printers into your existing systems.

Fuss-free and Easy
Enjoy fuss-free operations with smart automated features for consistent and trouble-free printing. The Epson PLQ-30 is also easy to maintain with user-friendly maintenance capabilities such as a safe and simple ribbon changing procedure that reduces the need for costly and time-consuming IT support.

Low Total Cost of Ownership
The benefits of high productivity and high ribbon yield, coupled with low service maintenance, results in a much reduced total cost of ownership. With a ribbon life of up to 10 million characters, ribbons on the PLQ-30 series of printers are longer lasting than conventional printers.

Smart Functionality
Auto Platen Gap Adjustment
The automated moving platen and roller-equipped printhead enable the PLQ-30 to accept a variety of media thickness.

Auto Sheet Alignment
Photo sensors detect and automatically instruct the paper feed roller to realign any misfed documents.

Auto Border Function
A paper width detector intelligently enables printing at the same distance from the paper edge wherever the paper is set within the paper tray. Paper widths are also automatically detected to ensure printing at the proper position on the fed material.

Printing Technology:

Print Method: 24 pins Impact Dot MatrixPrint Direction: Bi-direction with logic seekingColour: BlackControl Code: PR2, WNI4915, IBM4722, ESC / P2, ESC / P2 + ESC / MC, IBM PPDS emulation


MVBF: 7 million linesMTBF: 12,000 POHPrinthead Life: 400 million strokes / wire

Print Characteristics:

Character Sets: International, PC-437 International, OCR-ABarcode: EAN-13, EAN-8, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39, Coda bar (NW-7), Industrial 2 of 5

Paper Path:

Manual Insertion: Front in, Front out / Front in, Rear out

Paper Media:

Cut Sheet (Single Sheet): Width: 65 - 245 mm
Length: 67 - 297 mm
Thickness: 0.065 - 0.19 mmCut Sheet (Multi-part Forms): Width: 65 - 245 mm
Length: 67 - 297 mm
Thickness: 0.12 - 0.53 mmLine Spacing: 4.23 mm


Width: 110 - 241.3 mmLength: Horizontal: 127 - 220 mm, Vertical: 85 - 220 mmThickness: Maximum: 2.6 mm, Cover Page: 0.2 - 0.5 mm, Each Page: 0.1 - 0.15 mm


Ribbon Cartridge Black: Approx. 5 million characters (LQ 10 cpi, 48 dots / character)
Approx. 10 million characters (Draft 10 cpi, 24 dots / character)

Environmental Conditions (Operating):

Temperature: Operating: 5 - 35 °CHumidty: Operating: 10 - 80 % RH

Acoustic Noise:

Acoustic Noise: PLQ-30: Approx. 52 db(A)
PLQ-30: Approx. 52 db(A)