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Epson Robots G1

Compact, High-rigidity Body for Precision Assembly and Press-fit Applications

Why the Epson G1?
Epson offers SCARA robot systems to meet virtually every assembly and industrial process automation need. Whatever your reach and payload requirements, there's an Epson SCARA system that can satisfy them.

      • At only 8kg, our lightest G-series robot
      • Available with 175mm or 225mm arm
      • Triple-axis model for heavier payloads


Epson G-Series SCARA robots
Epson G-Series robots feature Max-R, a new high rigidity arm design that achieves ultra-high speed, ultra-high precision and low vibration. This puts Epson G-Series robots in the top of their class. With speeds and payload improvements of up to 20% vs. our already fast E2 Series SCARA models, the best just got better.
Epson G-Series SCARA robots are ideally suited for the Medical, Automotive, Electronics, Consumer, Food, Lab Automation, Semiconductor, Plastics, Appliance and Aerospace industries. They can be used for a wide variety of applications ranging from pace maker assembly to DNA testing or from chain saw to hard drive assembly. There are tens of thousands of different applications that our robots can handle.
Top-class speed and repeatability
Epson G Series robots offer an unbeatable combination of speed, precision, and low residual vibration. Available to meet virtually any application need, they include models that can be configured for multitasking, cleanroom, antistatic, or washdown process use.
Mounting Configurations
All Epson G-Series robots are available in wall, ceiling or table top mounting configurations to help maximize available workspace. While table top models are the most commonly used, Epson Robot users love the ceiling and wall mount configurations to run conveyors underneath. With such a wide range of product and mounting configurations, chances are that Epson has the right robot for your next application.