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Epson Robot C4

Product Models displayed on this website may be available in certain regions only.

The Leading Edge in 6-axis Robots for High Precision Small-component Assembly

Why the Epson C4?
Epson's proven line of 6-axis robots now ensures even higher manufacturing quality and productivity with exclusive Smart Motion Control technology for precise control of speed, path, and effector position.

    • Smooth action, able to access workpiece from virtually any angle
      Large working area, robot occupies only 1/44 of workcell
      Low clearance requirements for more flexible workcell layout

Unrivaled speed and performance in the tightest quarters
Epson C Series 6-axis robots are designed and developed to offer speed and motion efficiency that give productivity a big boost.
High-rigidity arms and ultra-precise path control let you take full advantage of 6-axis effector movement.
High repeatability at all load levels is ensured by high-rigidity arm design and advanced inertial control technology that optimizes acceleration and deceleration to ensure consistent handling with heavy loads.