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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Epson is releasing a guide for cleaning printers and scanners as an infection prevention measure since our customers’ health and safety come first.

Please note that this cleaning guide was prepared for the purpose of disinfection and to prevent the spread of COVID-19. During normal circumstances, the products are subject to being handled by people. In certain circumstances (such as the response to COVID-19), it’s important to take additional measures to clean or disinfect the products. It does not change the basic cleaning procedure recommended for Epson products.

Range of Products Covered in this Disinfection Procedure

Business Inkjet Printers

Consumer Inkjet Printers

Large Format Printers

Point of Sale Printers


Label Printers

Procedure for Disinfecting Printers and Scanners

Turn the product off and disconnect the AC plug before cleaning.

Apply a small amount of 60%-80% Isopropyl Alcohol to a cleaning cloth or towel, and gently wipe only the product’s exterior parts.

Allow the product to dry before reconnecting the power cord.

Things to Remember

●       Do not use undiluted Isopropyl Alcohol.

●       Do not clean the product while it is turned on.

●       Do not spray Alcohol directly onto the product. Also, do not use a saturated, soaked or dipped cloth to clean the product. Alcohol may seep into the product, causing a short circuit or damaging its components. In case Alcohol seeps into the product, dry it completely before turning it back on.

●       Do not rub the product with excessive force when cleaning. Also, do not use any cleaning method other than the one recommended. The product’s surface and performance may be affected.

●       Do not let any liquid seep into the product. When cleaning a scanner, be careful to ensure that there’s no liquid on/around the scanner glass as it may affect the scanner’s functioning.

●       Do not use abrasive substances or hard cleaning materials (like Scrub Pads) to clean the products.

●       Do not use Bleach as an alternative for rubbing/cleaning.

Applying the above method of cleaning will not affect the print or scan quality. However, since a solvent/liquid is used, the surface condition, colour and texture of the product may be affected depending on the amount of Alcohol applied, the wiping duration, the wiping force, the frequency of cleaning and more.