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3LCD Technology: Projected Images with up to 3x Brighter Colours

The difference is in the details. 3LCD technology uses three separate colour chips to deliver vibrant, true-to-life, powerful images, with no rainbow-effect distortion.
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Bright, Bold Business Presentations

Vibrant colours, realistic tones, high definition images. Epson’s aim for perfection in every detail enables you to impress your audience, and focus on accelerating your business.

Not All Projectors are Created Equal

Nothing gives your presentation more impact than vibrant images that are true to life. See the difference between Epson projector images… and everyone else’s.

Colour Gamut Explained

3LCD projectors have a colour gamut that is up to 3 times wider than 1-chip DLP – taking colour brightness and accuracy into a whole new realm.

Laser: Works Faster, Lasts Longer

Epson laser projectors require no warm up or cool down period – they can reach maximum brightness or be turned off almost immediately. With a long-lasting laser light engine that delivers up to 20,000 maintenance-free hours of operation.

Epson 3LCD versus the Others: The Difference is Clear

Epson 3LCD projectors use three separate liquid crystal panels to process each primary colour (red, green and blue) continuously – so that even rapid-motion video is delivered smoothly.

Single-chip projectors, on the other hand, deliver a rapid sequence of red, green and blue, which is translated by the viewer's eye as an impression of a full colour image. This doesn’t work for some viewers, who instead see multiple lines or blurry images during rapid motion video, known as the “rainbow effect”.

Projectors Powered by 3LCD Technology

Ultra Portable

Epson's portable wireless projectors allow you to walk in, set up and get right to your meeting from your laptop, tablet or smartphone


Interactive projectors easily make a dry erase board, plain wall or table an interactive display. They are the perfect interactive whiteboard alternative.

High Brightness

For lecture halls, auditoriums, events and digital signage, these projectors provide uncompromising image quality, brilliant video and professional-grade reliability.

Corporate and Education

For classrooms and meeting rooms with ambient light, these bright projectors feature easy setup and advanced connectivity.

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