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Epson LQ-1310

Heavy Duty Printing for 24/7 Business Solutions.

This 24-pin wide carriage printer, prints at a lightning fast speed of 416 CPS (12 CPI) and has a choice of 8 built-in barcode formats for maximum versatility.

    • Narrow carriage 24-pin SIDM
      High 347 CPS print speed at 12CPI
      10,000 power on hour MTBF
      USB, Serial and Parallel ports


High Processing Speed

You can now enjoy high-speed processig time, with 128KB data buffer that will reduce waiting time.

Fast Print Speed

Maximise productivity with a fast print speed of up to 416 characters per second (12 cpi).

Long-life Reliability

With a Mean Time Between Failure (MVBF) rating of 10,000 POH (power on hours), it saves cost on electricity without compromising on the print quality.

Printing Technology:

Print Direction: Bi-directional with logic seekingPrinting Method: Impact dot matrixNumber of Pins in Head: 24 pinsControl Code: ESC/P2 and IBM PPDS emulation


MVBF: Approx. 20 million lines (Except print head)MTBF: Approx. 10,000 POH (25% Duty)Printhead Life: Approx. 400 million strokes/wire

Print Characteristics:

Character Sets: 14 international character set ; 13 Character Tables + 5 Indian Tables; Italic, PC 437, PC850,PC 860, PC 861, PC 863, PC 865, Abicomp, BRASCII, Roman 8, ISO Latin 1, PC 858, ISO8859-15, ISCII, PC ISCII, EA ISCII, TAB TAMIL 99, TAM TAMIL 99Bitmap Fonts: Epson Draft: 10, 12, 15 cpi; Epson Roman & San Serif: 10, 12, 15 cpi, Proportional;Epson Courier: 10, 12, 15 cpi; Epson Prestige: 10, 12 cpi; Epson Script, OCR-B, Orator &Orator-S: 10cpi; Epson Script C: Proportional Indian font (Proportional) : CDAC Devanagari;CDAC Bengali; CDAC Tamil; CDAC Telugu; CDAC Assamese; CDAC Oriya; CDAC Kannada;CDAC Malayalam; CDAC Gujarathi; CDAC PunjabiScalable Fonts: Epson Roman, Epson San Serif, Epson Roman T & Epson San Serif H: 10.5pt., 8pt. - 32pt.(every 2pt.)

Paper Path:

Manual Insertion: Top in, Top out

Environmental Conditions (Operating):

Temperature: 5 ~ 35¡CHumidty: 10 ~ 80% RHRated Voltage: AC 120V / AC 220 - 240VRated Frequency: 50Hz - 60Hz