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Our fast, reliable receipt printers and queue-busting technologies will keep your customers satisfied – and keep them coming back!

Whatever you do, talk to Epson first

We've worked closely with retailers to make sure that we understand what's important at the point of sale. So whatever your priorities or printing needs, there's a high-performance Epson receipt printer just right for you - whether you're looking for a fast, quiet printer, one that fits neatly under your counter, or one that allows you to print on the move.


Different demands, different technologies

  • With Epson, you can choose the receipt printer that's exactly suited to your business because our range covers all print technologies: fast thermal receipt printers to minimise queues; compact, stylish, silent printers (such as the TM-T88IV) to suit the ambience of your store; hybrid models, like the TM-H6000III, combining speed with the ability to endorse cheques.


When space is at a premium

  • If you wish to maintain a sleek, clean looking checkout counter or when space is valuable, we've got models that can help you - like the newly developed the TM-T70. Housed in a compact and attractive chassis to fit neatly under the counter, it also features convenient front paper loading and forward-facing controls.


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  • Epson_FX-875

    Epson FX-875

    Dependable High Volume Printing

    • Narrow carriage 9-pin SIDM (9x2 staggered)
    • High 476 CPS print speed at 10CPI
    • 15,000 power on hour MTBF
    • USB, Serial and Parallel ports
  • Epson_LQ-2190

    Epson LQ-2190


    • 24-pin wide carriage
    • Speed: up to 480 cps (10cpi)
    • MTBF: 20,000 Power on Hours
    • USB and Parallel ports
    • Optional network print server
  • Epson_LQ-300plusII

    Epson LQ-300+ II

    24-Pin Dot Matrix Printer

    • Narrow Carriage
    • Speed: up to 300cps (10cpi)
    • Prints up to 4-part forms
    • Versatile paper paths
  • Epson_LQ-310

    Epson LQ-310

    24-Pin Dot Matrix Printer

    • Narrow carriage 24-pin SIDM
    • High 416 CPS print speed at 12CPI
    • 10,000 power on hour MTBF
    • USB, Serial and Parallel ports
  • Epson_LQ-50

    Epson LQ-50

    Compact, versatile bill printer with flexible wide-receipt options

    • Allows users to print on wider receipts
    • Saves counter space
    • High quality printing
  • Epson_LX-1310

    Epson LX-1310

    Unbeatable Reliabilty & Optimum Efficiency

    • Narrow carriage 9-pin SIDM
    • High 390 CPS print speed at 15CPI
    • 10,000 power on hour MTBF
    • USB, Serial and Parallel ports
  • Epson_LX-300plusII

    Epson LX-300+ II

    Narrow Carriage 9-Pin Dot Matrix Printer

    • Speed: up to 300cps (10cpi)
    • Prints up to 5-part forms
    • Versatile paper paths
  • Epson_LX-310

    Epson LX-310

    9-Pin Dot Matrix Printer

    • Narrow carriage 9-pin SIDM
    • High 357 CPS print speed at 12CPI
    • 10,000 power on hour MTBF
    • USB, Serial and Parallel ports
  • Epson_TM-T81

    Epson TM-T81

    Great value uncompromising performance even in the smallest retail environments

    • The most durable and efficient thermal receipt printer
    • More savings with minimal paper usage
    • Easy installation and usage in any retail environment
    • Specifically designed with safety in mind

    RRP (inc VAT): Rs.11, 700/-*

  • Epson_TM-T82II

    Epson TM-T82II

    Designed for Easy Installation, Use and Maintenance

    • Thermal Output
    • Compactly designed
    • Speed: Up to 200mm/sec
    • Wall-mount feature

    RRP (inc VAT): Rs. 12, 999 / Rs. 13, 799*

  • Epson_TM-T88IV

    Epson TM-T88IV

    High Speed Thermal POS Printer

    • Thermal line printing
    • Speed: Up to 200mm/sec
    • 2 colour printing
    • Spill resistant cover

    RRP (inc VAT): Rs.15, 500/-*

  • Epson_TM-T88V

    Epson TM-T88V

    Highest Productivity for the Most Efficient Checkout

    • Print method: Thermal line printing
    • Width (mm): 79 ± 0.5 mm/ 57.5 ± 0.5 mm
    • Print Speed: Up to 300 mm/ sec
    • 16 levels of grayscale
    • Convenient drop-in paper loading
  • Epson_TM-U220

    Epson TM-U220

    Outstanding Value Dot Matrix POS Printer

    • Dot matrix printing
    • Speed: Up to 30lps
    • (30 columns, 16cpi)
    • Easy operation

    RRP (inc VAT): Rs.11, 700/* (D Series)

  • Epson_TM-U230

    Epson TM-U230

    Robust Dot Matrix POS Printer

    • Water resistant
    • Easy to clean
    • Speed: Up to 6.4lps
    • (16 colums, 16cpi)

    RRP (inc VAT): Rs.25, 999/-*

  • Epson_TM-U295

    Epson TM-U295

    World's Smallest Slip Printer

    • Dot matrix printing
    • Variable character sizes
    • Speed: 2.1lps

    RRP (inc VAT): Rs.19, 500/-*

  • Epson_TM-U950

    Epson TM-U950

    Versatile Large POS System Printer

    • Dot matrix printing
    • Outstanding performance
    • Prints slips and receipts
    • Speed: 2311/233cps

    RRP (inc VAT): Rs.39, 699/-*