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  • Epson_FX-875

    Epson FX-875

    Dependable High Volume Printing

    • Narrow carriage 9-pin SIDM (9x2 staggered)
    • High 476 CPS print speed at 10CPI
    • 15,000 power on hour MTBF
    • USB, Serial and Parallel ports
  • Epson_LQ-2190

    Epson LQ-2190


    • 24-pin wide carriage
    • Speed: up to 480 cps (10cpi)
    • MTBF: 20,000 Power on Hours
    • USB and Parallel ports
    • Optional network print server
  • Epson_LQ-300plusII

    Epson LQ-300+ II

    24-Pin Dot Matrix Printer

    • Narrow Carriage
    • Speed: up to 300cps (10cpi)
    • Prints up to 4-part forms
    • Versatile paper paths
  • Epson_LQ-310

    Epson LQ-310

    24-Pin Dot Matrix Printer

    • Narrow carriage 24-pin SIDM
    • High 416 CPS print speed at 12CPI
    • 10,000 power on hour MTBF
    • USB, Serial and Parallel ports
  • Epson_LX-300plusII

    Epson LX-300+ II

    Narrow Carriage 9-Pin Dot Matrix Printer

    • Speed: up to 300cps (10cpi)
    • Prints up to 5-part forms
    • Versatile paper paths
  • Epson_LX-310

    Epson LX-310

    9-Pin Dot Matrix Printer

    • Narrow carriage 9-pin SIDM
    • High 357 CPS print speed at 12CPI
    • 10,000 power on hour MTBF
    • USB, Serial and Parallel ports
  • Epson_TM-P60

    Epson TM-P60

    Flexi Paper Handling Thermal POS Printer

    • Up to 100mm paper diameter
    • Selectable paper width
    • Speed: Up to 170mm/sec
    • 2 colour printing

    RRP (inc VAT): Rs.18, 000/-*

  • Epson_TM-T82II

    Epson TM-T82II

    Designed for Easy Installation, Use and Maintenance

    • Thermal Output
    • Compactly designed
    • Speed: Up to 200mm/sec
    • Wall-mount feature

    RRP (inc VAT): Rs. 12, 999 / Rs. 13, 799*

  • Epson_TM-T88IV

    Epson TM-T88IV

    High Speed Thermal POS Printer

    • Thermal line printing
    • Speed: Up to 200mm/sec
    • 2 colour printing
    • Spill resistant cover

    RRP (inc VAT): Rs.15, 500/-*

  • Epson_TM-U220

    Epson TM-U220

    Outstanding Value Dot Matrix POS Printer

    • Dot matrix printing
    • Speed: Up to 30lps
    • (30 columns, 16cpi)
    • Easy operation

    RRP (inc VAT): Rs.11, 700/* (D Series)

  • Epson_TM-U230

    Epson TM-U230

    Robust Dot Matrix POS Printer

    • Water resistant
    • Easy to clean
    • Speed: Up to 6.4lps
    • (16 colums, 16cpi)

    RRP (inc VAT): Rs.25, 999/-*

  • Epson_TM-U295

    Epson TM-U295

    World's Smallest Slip Printer

    • Dot matrix printing
    • Variable character sizes
    • Speed: 2.1lps

    RRP (inc VAT): Rs.19, 500/-*

  • Epson_TM-U950

    Epson TM-U950

    Versatile Large POS System Printer

    • Dot matrix printing
    • Outstanding performance
    • Prints slips and receipts
    • Speed: 2311/233cps

    RRP (inc VAT): Rs.39, 699/-*