Why Epson EB-S9?

This highly versatile projector harnesses Epson’s latest 3LCD technology to deliver presentations of impeccable colour and high image quality at an economical price suitable for schools and businesses.

Enjoy vivid images in bright environments and in large venues

  • Maintaining eye contact and interaction with your audience is essential for an effective presentation. With this projector’s high White Light Output and Colour Light Output; both at 2500 lumens, projecting improved brightness, your presentations remain vivid in bright rooms and large venues, so you can constantly engage your audience.

Long-lasting lamp life of up to 5,000 hours

  • Enjoy greater cost savings and ease of maintenance with Epson’s proprietary long-lasting E-TORL lamp. Designed to optimise light output, the highly efficient Epson E-TORL lamp delivers noticeably sharper images to give that added professional touch to your presentations.

Quick and easy plug and play

  • There is no waiting for this projector to warm up before you can start. Simply plug in the USB cable provided and play right away. Take complete control of your presentations with the remote controller that acts as a mouse and page selector.


Impactful presentations with added convenience

  • Conduct your presentations seamlessly with the AV-mute lens-shutter which allows temporary pauses of the presentation. Simply resume the presentation again with a quifck slide of the shutter.

Small and stylish – your perfect presentation companion

  • An expression of beauty for your table top, the small and sleek design of the projector provides an added elegance to your presentations. Lightweight and compact, this projector is the ideal portable solution to all your presentations on the move.

Security features for added protection

Protect your settings

  • Lock the control panel buttons so that inquisitive fingers do not accidentally change your fixed settings. The remote control will still be fully operational.


Protect against theft

  • Secure your projector to a permanent fixture with a wire cable, chain or Kensington lock to prevent theft.


Password protect

  • With power-on password access, its power can be disabled if your projector is stolen. The password function shuts down completely after 30 incorrect attempts, so even if the correct password is eventually entered, the projector will not work.

USB direct display - compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems

  • Versatile to meet your needs, this projector operates on both Mac and Windows operating systems, giving you the convenience to choose your preferred presentation platform.


Cleverly positioned exhaust eliminates distraction

  • The exhaust is intelligently positioned in the front which means no distractions during the presentation for the audience seated at the sides or back of the projector.

Easy shut-down

  • When your presentation is finished, simply unplug and pack up. No cool-down is required, so you can be ready to move on to your next meeting in no time.