Why the Epson EB-455Wi?

Set to revolutionise lessons and presentations, the Epson EB-455Wi ultrashort throw projector combines Epson’s proprietory 3LCD Technology with innovative interactive features which turn any flat, solid or smooth surface into an interactive learning and presentation area.

Ultra-short throw advantage

Reduced hardware and shadow interference

  • The new ultra-short throw projector design eliminates many of the common problems of interactive systems, such as an eye glare. Anchored close to the wall, you can project extra-large images of up to 203cm (80 inches) with the lens only 48cm (19 inches) away, thus reducing significant shadow interference and obstruction.

Ultra flexible and convenient with integrated interactive features

Maximise real estate space

  • Take advantage of under utilised classroom space or turn an existing standard whiteboard into an interactive projection wall. The EB-455Wi ultra-short throw projector works on almost any surface — a flat wall, an existing whiteboard or even a chalkboard.
  • What’s more, because the whiteboard is optional, you can turn empty areas and plain walls into interactive learning areas and maximise the value of the wall space available with the interactive EB-455Wi.
  • EB-455Wi is equipped with a new projection mode for projecting onto a table, expanding the possibilities for new interactive lessons in the classroom.

Built-in interactive capabilities included in the projector, not into a board

  • The EB-455Wi projector eliminates the expense of a dedicated interactive whiteboard and the need to dedicate valuable wall space to just one function.

Added versatility and optimised interaction

  • Create fun and interactive environments effortlessly with EB-455Wi’s added interactive features such as the interactive pen, which works like a mouse. With a single projector and supporting softwares, you can now enjoy flexible, hassle-free, multimedia graphics-rich presentations.


Ultra big and wide

Active area of up to 243cm (97 inches) diagonal WXGA

  • Maximise interactive learning areas available without paying a premium for size. The EB-455Wi projector projects images up to 243cm (97 inches) in native WXGA, giving every student a great view regardless of where students are seated in the classroom.

Interactive images sizes can be set anywhere of up to 243cm (97 inches) diagonal WXGA

  • While interactive whiteboards are limited by its predetermined height and width, EB-455Wi has no such constraints. Set the size of the interactive area to fit your available space. What’s more, the mounting plate, with its easy installation tools, gives you the flexibility to mount the projector in any classroom, hence giving you the flexibility to determine the right location of the active area you want without the complexity and cost of managing multiple types of equipment.


Ultra vivid and superior image reproduction with 3LCD Technology

Impeccable image quality

  • With a brightness of White Light Output and Colour Light Output; both at 2500 lumens, you can project images and animations in the highest resolution, even in broad daylight and maintain that all important eye contact with your students under the most comfortable ambience.


Ultra easy integration

  • EB-455Wi interactive pen works like a mouse on your PC/MAC. It displays and interacts with whatever you are running, streaming or broadcasting. It is software agnostic and Web 2.0 friendly. Similar to a computer monitor, the open architecture allows users to use, share and engage with virtually any software, digital media file or e-textbook.


Future-proof your investment with a technology forward all-in-one package. The EB-455Wi projector comes with:

  • White Light Output and Color Light Output; both at 2500 lumens brightness with WXGA
  • Easy network monitoring and control – RJ45 LAN and RS-232 connectivity
  • Ink Function Compatible (interactive)
    The ink functions from Microsoft OS (Vista, Windows 7) can now be utilised with connections using the Epson Interactive Driver. This function enables users to save files in Microsoft Office (2003, 2007 and 2010) formats such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Energy E-TORL lamp of up to 3500 lamp hours
  • Built-in speaker


ProjectorReviews.com: “This projector is pretty impressive. Not only in what it can do, but also in all the other aspects that Epson thought about when it comes to using projection technology in the area of education.”

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