Tips & Tricks

Optimizing Your Epson Projector for Videos


Although the Epson EB-S7 multimedia projector is primarily built for corporate or classroom usage, its unique features such as high colour and light output of 2300lm and contrast ratio of 2000:1 make it ideal for high quality video projections too.


1. Select the Ideal Projection Mode

There are a few preset projection modes for video that will help to enhance your viewing experience.

Theatre Movie on Theatre mode

i) Theatre Mode - In this mode, images are projected at lower brightness which results in more natural looking tones. Constantly projecting with this mode also helps to prolong lamp life as compared to other mode like the Game mode.


ii) Sports Mode - In this mode, colours are richer and more vibrant, making images look vivid and true to life. LCD response is also improved to as to render the fast moving sports subjects better


2. Optimize Contrast with the Auto Iris Mode

The Auto Iris lens in the Epson EB-S7 automatically detects the amount of light that passes through the lens and automatically adjusts to let the right amount of light through to provide you with a clearer view. By automatically setting the luminance according to the brightness of the displayed image, it allows you to enjoy deep and rich images. However, do note that this feature is only applicable in the Game and Theatre modes.


3. Avoid Using Keystone Correction

While the Epson EB-S7 offers a keystone correction feature that allows you to straighten contorted images projected at an angle, try not to use it where possible. While it is a handy feature, correction of a projected image may create slight distortions, particularly at the sides of the screen. This may result in visual fatigue after looking at the screen for a long period of time.


4. Darken Your Room

Try to project your videos in a dark room. In a dark ambient environment, you can set the lamp brightness to a lower level to prevent glare. This also reduces power consumption and increases the lamp's operating life. This will also reduce the fan rotation noise created during projection as the lamp is running cooler. The "Low brightness" setting of the Epson EB-S7 results in a 40W reduction in electricity consumption and increases lamp life significantly