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5 Top Tips to Prolong Your Projector Lamp Life



The E-TORL light source module in the Epson EB-S7 Multimedia Projector is rated for an amazing 5000 hours on "eco brightness" mode.



E-TORL Full Lamp

The E-TORL reflector and burner element that is housed in the lamp module



A projector's lamp is its most important component and the one which has the most direct effect on its image quality. It is also the most expensive consumable item of a projector. Even though the Epson EB-S7's E-TORL lamp has one of the longest life spans in the market, it is in the interest your eyes and wallet to keep it performing at its peak for as long as possible.


Here are 5 great tips to prolong the life of your projector lamp:


1) Place your projector in a good location - Additional heat shortens the life span of a projector lamp. Therefore, locating your projector in an air conditioned room or at least in a well-ventilated area will help extend its operational life. Also, avoid placing the projector in areas that block the exhaust air from the projector as this will also increase its operating temperature.


Cleaning your air filter

Cleaning your air filter regularly ensures good cooling air circulation in your projector


2) Clean and change air filter regularly - Every projector has an internal ventilation system that is driven by a cooling fan. To maintain a good airflow and ensure that the internal temperature is as low as possible, you need to regularly clean the air filter and change it when it becomes unserviceable or damaged. The Epson EB-S7's air filter has been designed for easy access, making this task literally a breeze.


3) Wait before storing - If you use your projector on the go, try to wait for a minute after it turning off before storing the projector in your bag. Although the Epson EB-S7 has an instant off feature, practicing this precaution will ensure that the projector's heat does not get trapped if you store it in a bag immediately after use as this will also shorten the lamp life or damage your carrier bag.


4)     Do not move projector while in operation - The projector's lamp is constructed of a sensitive filament that is extremely fragile and becomes very hot when in operation - so moving it while it is on may subject it to vibrations that may shorten its life - or worse still, blow it on the spot.


5)     Optimise your brightness setting - Setting your projector's brightness to as low as possible will significantly extend its life. Avoid setting the brightness level to excessive levels, and darkening your room will allow you to use lower brightness settings. The Epson EB-S7 has a low brightness mode that will help you extend its lamp life.