Tips & Tricks

Optimizing Your Epson Projector for Classrooms and Boardrooms


1. Select the Ideal Projection Mode

Your Epson EB-S7 can be intelligently customized to perform at its best in various settings - whether they are corporate boardrooms, classrooms or for home projections. In a classroom or corporate environment, ambient lighting tends to be much brighter. The light source could come from ceiling lights or sunlight permeating through the windows. In such settings, a projector with a higher brightness rating (measured in lumens) is needed to project images bright enough to combat the ambient lighting. Be it for classroom or corporate use, you can switch between various preset modes depending on the content to enhance the colour and light output.


Text on Text Mode      Text on Game Mode

Compare the document projected using two different modes. When projected on Text mode, the white background appears more natural; when projected on Game mode, the contrast becomes more apparent.


i) Text mode - Optimal for projecting black and white materials with bright ambient lighting.


ii) Game mode - For optimal clarity in a brightly lit room; the projector produces its maximum 2300 lumens of brightness in this mode. However, under game mode, white colour projection may not be as accurate as in presentation mode. Hence, users may need to adjust the individual colours in the settings to achieve desired effect, especially when they need to project some images with the document.


iii) Blackboard mode - This mode is a practical choice when a white screen is not available. This mode gives images a natural tint to compensate for a darker background when projected on a blackboard or greenboard, just like projecting on a screen.


Presentation on Presentation Mode      Presentation on Text Mode

Compare the presentation projected using two different modes. When projected on Presentation mode, the colours appear more vivid than in Text mode.


iv) Presentation mode - Ideal for making presentations with colour images in a bright ambient setting. This helps to produce vibrant and rich colour tones while achieving strong brightness.


Photo on Photo Mode

v) Photo mode - When presenting images, the photo mode is ideal for projecting still pictures in a bright room. It makes images vivid and increases the contrast automatically.


2. Try Not to Use Keystone Correction

For best results, try not to use the keystone feature to fit projection onto screen where possible. It is recommended that users measure the projection distance precisely before mounting or projecting. While it is a handy feature, scaling of projection image creates a slightly distorted image, particularly at the sides of the screen. This may result in visual fatigue after looking at the screen for a long period of time.


3. Emphasize Important Portions of Projections



You can enlarge parts of your presentation when you need to highlight key points, graphs or tables. The E-Zoom feature in your Epson EB-S7 multimedia projector allows you to select an area that you want to enlarge and zoom up to four times its original size.