Epson Clariaâ„¢ Photographic ink

Stunning, professional looking photos

Epson Claria Photographic Ink


What is it?

Featuring an extra wide colour gamut for smoother gradations and a vivid gloss finish, Epson Claria photographic ink is a revolutionary dye-based photo ink set that provides both casual and enthusiast photographers stunning photos that last for generations.


Quick-drying Prints

A quick-drying formula allows Epson Claria Photographic Ink prints to be handled immediately after printing, as opposed to conventional dye-based inks that require special paper for quick drying or require several minutes of drying time.

Water-resistant Prints

Epson Claria Photographic Ink photo prints resist damage related to humidity, moisture and water spills when printed on Epson Premium Photo Papers. Water spills on Epson Claria ink photos on Epson Premium Photo Papers can be rubbed off without ruining the photo.

An ink smudge caused by water spilling on to a photo printed with a conventional dye ink

Scratch-resistant Prints

Epson Claria Photographic Ink photo prints on Epson Premium Photo Papers are resistant to handling scratches as the ink is absorbed into the paper coating.

Fade-resistant prints

Epson Claria Photographic Ink has been designed at a molecular level to produce photos that are far more resistant to fading than lab processed photos. Photos printed using Epson Claria photographic ink can last up to 200 years in a photo album so that even future generations can see your photos like the day they were printed.



Summary of Epson ink technologies 

 Ink Type

Ideal Applications


 Print Samples


Everyday printing of text documents and graphic details on plain and matte paper

Sharp text and vibrant colour prints on virtually any media that are also smudge, fade and water resistant


Best for printing high quality photographs on on photo paper or specialty media

Greater colour gamut with six specialised dye based inks for photograph printing

Excellent print quality on glossy photo paper


Printing of professional graphic art, high quality photographs and commercial proofs

Extremely high colour accuracy for professional photo / graphic arts / proofing prints